Beyond Cancer Symptoms: Cannabis for Survivors.

In the realm of cancer survivorship, a groundbreaking study of 1,886 individuals has highlighted cannabis as a boon to handle the symptoms. First published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship, this research shows just how much Cannabis has assisted in symptom relief. 

Cannabis and Cancer Survivorship: Unveiling Benefits

Nearly half those surveyed, totaling 1,886 individuals, disclosed either current or past usage of cannabis. Among these, a remarkable 20% acknowledged turning to cannabis for symptomatic relief during active cancer treatment. The findings indicate a prevalent choice among survivors to incorporate cannabis into their journey, seeking relief from issues such as sleep disturbances, pain, stress, nausea, and mood disorders. These are amongst the most prevalent reasons that marijuana is being used. Both medical and recreational customers are seeking affordable relief. 

A Resounding Consensus

The most compelling aspect of the study is the resounding consensus on the effectiveness of cannabis in managing symptoms. Whether it be alleviating nausea, combating depression, enhancing appetite, or aiding in sleep, a majority of respondents reported substantial benefits. Notably, over 70% of those using cannabis for nausea found it to be extremely effective, demonstrating the tangible impact on symptom relief. With such high numbers of success it is hard to believe that we need more proof.

Hopeful Perspectives on Cannabis’s Role in Cancer Treatment

While some participants leveraged cannabis for symptom relief, others explored its potential in directly treating cancer. The study indicates that nearly half of the respondents considered cannabis effective to a great extent in addressing the core aspects of their cancer. This insight opens new avenues for understanding the holistic role of cannabis in cancer care. If we were able to apply cannabis along with other therapies we could conceivably conquer cancer with less damage, whether physical or mental, to the patient!

Awareness Gap: The Need for Education

Interestingly, the study unearthed a significant gap in awareness among participants regarding potential health risks associated with cannabis use during cancer treatment. Only a small fraction demonstrated awareness of potential risks, ranging from mental health concerns to interactions with cancer drugs. Having informed discussions for treatment will save more lives. Allowing both patient and doctor to discuss possible medicinal interactions will help the patient recognize life threatening issues that may arise.  This underscores the necessity for comprehensive education and open conversations between healthcare providers and survivors about the potential benefits and risks of incorporating cannabis into cancer management.

Navigating Cannabis in Cancer Management

In light of the findings, there is a resounding call for more research to deepen our understanding of cannabis therapeutics. The study also highlights the need for the refinement of clear policies, guidelines, and educational programs. These initiatives aim to empower healthcare providers and patients with the knowledge necessary for informed decision-making regarding the use of cannabis in treatment. For more education about how Cannabis and Cancer interacts click here.

In conclusion, the study presents a groundbreaking exploration of the intersection between cannabis and cancer survivorship. There is a need for a nuanced and informed approach. The potential benefits and medicinal interactions. As we navigate the evolving landscape of cancer care, the inclusion of cannabis warrants thoughtful consideration and a collaborative effort to unlock its full potential in supporting the well-being of cancer survivors.

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