I scream you scream for Handles homemade Icecream!

Exciting news for our valued patrons! Western Oregon Dispensary is thrilled to announce a delicious collaboration with Handles Ice Cream. Bringing a sweet twist to your cannabis experience. When you purchase any of our exclusive Kundalini brand products at our Cedar Mill and Sherwood stores, you’ll receive a special coupon for a FREE Handles Ice Cream cone!

Indulge in the finest cannabis offerings while treating yourself to the creamy goodness of Handles Ice Cream. All made possible through this irresistible partnership. Take advantage of this delectable offer by picking up your coupon at our Cedar Mill or Sherwood locations today.

Please note that Handles Ice Cream is a separate location where you can redeem your coupon for a delightful cone of ice cream. This collaboration allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: premium cannabis products from Western Oregon Dispensary and artisanal ice cream from Handles.

As we strive to enhance your experience and bring joy to our community, Western Oregon Dispensary is excited to join forces with Handles Ice Cream in this unique endeavor. Elevate your day with the perfect pairing of quality cannabis and indulgent treats.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Visit our Cedar Mill or Sherwood stores today to discover the fusion of flavor and quality that awaits you.

Treat yourself to something special. Courtesy of Western Oregon Dispensary and Handles Ice Cream!

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